Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blue runner

I have have just newly retired from work, we have been extremely busy packing up the house, arranging storage and have hit the road for an adventure.  It should be fun.

I have quite a bit of my quilting supplies with us, and we are into the second week of our travels and the first item produced is a little runner for a Christmas gift.  An important task before we left home was to order in the book: Quilters Travel Companion.  This way, I can check out the areas we are going prior, and know where the local quilt stores are!  My husband is so pleased ( not ). Actually, he is wonderful as yesterday it was his suggestion to check out the Cloth Castle in Victoria. Thanks, hon.

I picked up some christmas fabric for this runner at Capital Iron, and I didn't even know they had fabric in their stores.  If you buy their fabric card for a $5 fee, good for one year, then there is a 20% discount on fabric.  My  one purchase more than paid for the card.

I love the bird fabric! 

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