Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blue runner

I have have just newly retired from work, we have been extremely busy packing up the house, arranging storage and have hit the road for an adventure.  It should be fun.

I have quite a bit of my quilting supplies with us, and we are into the second week of our travels and the first item produced is a little runner for a Christmas gift.  An important task before we left home was to order in the book: Quilters Travel Companion.  This way, I can check out the areas we are going prior, and know where the local quilt stores are!  My husband is so pleased ( not ). Actually, he is wonderful as yesterday it was his suggestion to check out the Cloth Castle in Victoria. Thanks, hon.

I picked up some christmas fabric for this runner at Capital Iron, and I didn't even know they had fabric in their stores.  If you buy their fabric card for a $5 fee, good for one year, then there is a 20% discount on fabric.  My  one purchase more than paid for the card.

I love the bird fabric! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Runner One finished

The first runner of three, has been finished and on its' way to a very kind family.  Our youngest son is attending a University 16 hours drive away, and they are kindly offering an 'overnight' stop each time.  This is a great relief to his mum, who does not enjoy the thought of him driving in northern weather,in the winter, in the dark, for 16 hours, after a day of school.

He will be attending school for 8 weeks at a time, then home for ten weeks... and so forth for a total of 5 times altogether.  Out of one charm pack with a yard of matching Fa La La, I have made a total of 3 Christmas runners.  Pictures tomorrow of Runner Two - it was sew much fun!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

christmas runners

It is so hard to get any quilting projects started and completed.  With our house being for sale, every time there is a viewing from realtors, I have to pack all the sewing stuff up and put it away.  No ongoing projects!

Today, I decided to take the day and start some Christmas table runners.  I had a charm pack of Kate Spains' 12 Days of Christmas and some extra fa la la fabric to match. This is what I came up with:

I am just about finished machine quilting this one, and I made another out of the mostly red/green charms. On the back of both runners will be the fa la la fabric.  OOO la la!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A finish!

I have finished the quilt intended for use on the couch in our new fifth wheel trailer.  This was the first full sized quilt that I have machine quilted using my domestic machine, a Janome 6600.  The old adage, practice makes perfect still applies - the more I did, the better the stitches became, but I am still quite happy with it.

I have also made four mug mats in 'guy' fabrics and have set them aside for further gifts.  On the monster white quilt? Yes, I am getting my one 'hoop' done a day. Whew!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

machine quilting

The reason I saved ... and saved... and purchased a Janome 6600 was so I could machine quilt my quilts, and not send them out to be quilted, and as long as they were not too big, of course.  I have been struggling and practicing and finally I started reading blogs to obtain some hints and tips.

Yes, should have done that first.  Well, I am half way through quilting the one in the blog header picture and I LOVE it.  Wait till you see it! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a quick autumn table mat

I hand quilted up a quickie for the table in the kitchen:

It was a preprinted panel, but I just loved the colours and design and with hand quilting I think it looks pretty special!